Informational Materials

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Benefits of Title Insurance
CLTA & ALTA Homeowner's Policies
History of Title Insurance
Holding Title in Nevada
How Title Insurance Works to Protect Home Ownership
Preliminary Report Explained
Preliminary Report Overview
Preliminary Report Red Flags
Protect Your American Dream
Solar Access a Potential Problem
Title Company's Role
Title Insurance - A Critical Option
Title Insurance - Where Does Your Dollar Go
Title Policy Comparison
Title Search Process
Typical Title Clearance Problems
Understanding Preliminary Title Reports
Understanding Probate
Value Proposition
What is Title
Closing Papers - What to Do
Escrow & Taxes
Escrow Flowchart
FIRPTA Withholding
How to Specify Lawyers Title
New HUD Basics
Opening the Escrow
Real Estate Transaction Checklist
Steps For a Successful Escrow
Understanding Escrow
Understanding Statements of Information
What is Escrow?
What is Payoff / Sub-Escrow?
Who Pays What
Winning at Escrow
Short Sale - Step by Step
Auction Property
Notice of Default - Other Land Uses
Notice of Default - SFR/Condos/Townhomes
Notice of Trustee Sales - Other Land Uses
Notice of Trustee Sales - SFR/Condos/Townhomes
Home Warranty
LoanCare Account Servicing for Investors
LoanCare Account Servicing for Owner-Financing
Should I Do a 1031 Exchange?
IPX 1031 Exchange - What You Get For Your Money
Back to School Tips
Calendar of Events
Fun Calendar
Monthly Newsletter
Rent vs. Buy
Simply Holidays
Summer Safety Tips
Top 10 Tips for Tax Preparation
The CFPB will Affect Your Real Estate Transactions
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We have done our homework and can help guide you through the new rules,
forms and timelines that will take effect August 1, 2015.

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10 Reasons to Use Lawyers Title
"A" Ratings
Company Financial Facts
Office Locations
Why Choose Lawyers Title?
Advantages of Home Ownership
Buyer and Seller Guide
Escrow FAQ
Escrow Process
Escrow Process Chart
Journey to Home Ownership
Life of a Title Search
Moving Checklist
Opening the Escrow
Real Estate Key Terms - English to Spanish
Rent vs. Buy
Title and Escrow
Title Policy Comparison
Understanding Probate
Vesting Descriptions
What is a FICO Score
What is Title
What is Title Insurance
Where Does Your Dollar Go
Why You Need Title Insurance